Can Foods Be Your Secret Weapon For Weight Loss?

What Do You Think, Can Foods Be Your Secret Weapon For Weight Loss? Trying hard to lose weight? Getting more exercise and being regular at the gym is definitely a necessity but you should also remember to supplement that with the right food intake.

According to the researchers, there are some foods which can actually help you in losing weight if you are on a weight loss mission. These foods include:

Mushrooms: According to the researchers those people who eat mushroom based entrees, feel as much satisfied as if they had eaten any mat dish.

But then the best thing is they had eaten half of the calories that are in the meat. So if possible you can have mushrooms instead of meat in a sandwich and lose weight.

Eggs: Those who eat eggs in breakfast consume 400 calories less throughout the day. This is a finding from a study. It also shows that those who eat bagel for breakfast do not lose weight as fast as those who eat eggs. Also if you have eggs in salad then you would have a satisfying snack too.

What are the other foods that would help in losing weight?

Other foods that help in losing weight include fruits, soups and oatmeal.

Apples: This is a fruit that has only 95 calories and 4 grams of fiber. This fiber helps in preventing weight gain and also encourages weight loss too.

Desserts: If you are craving for a sweet treat, then go for low calorie desserts. According to a study, those who ban sugary foods can fall a victim to overeating.

Therefore it is important to have a bit of sweet treat such as bitter chocolate or sweet fruits for satisfying the craving for sugar. If you stop eating sweet foods the brain releases the molecule that produces CRF that is corticotropin-releasing factor which makes the individual anxious or stressed. Increase in stress level might lead to binging on junk food.

Soup:  According to various researches published in the journals, those who start their meals with a soup eat much lesser calories throughout the meals.

Thus you should have vegetable or chicken clear soup before eating your meals.
Oatmeal: It is important to have oatmeal or bran cereals for breakfast and also three hours before exercise which would help you burn fat in large amounts.

Hot Chile Peppers: A study revealed that having a little hot pepper mixed in tomato juice or in capsule form half an hour before a meal helps in curving the hunger bout to about 10 percent.

Almonds: Chewing almonds can also curb hunger. Chewing releases fat from the almonds in greater amounts which triggers the hormones that curb hunger.