Can Cocktails Help You Lose Weight?

Can Cocktails really help you lose weight?It is often said that you should avoid cocktails to remain slim and fit, but then here is a revelation. There are cocktails that can actually help you in remaining slim and at the same time you do not have to cut out your drinking habit all together.

What are the magic cocktails?

Margarita: You must be wondering that how can this drink help you in remaining slim . Yes, it can! Margarita has 170 calories and you need to avoid the syrups and use one shot of tequila and lime juice with triple sec and your drink is ready. But remember to have only one drink if you are a woman and two drinks if you are a man.

Watermelon Mojito: Add watermelon and fresh mint leaves with rum and sparkling water and here is your Mojito ready for drinking. Avoid the sugary syrup and you would love to drink it without the fear of adding extra pounds to your waistline.

Shochu Cosmo: This drink is for those who want to remain super slim and hates to give up drinking. For making this you need to mix shochu, the Japanese spirit instead of vodka, along with cranberry juice, orange juice, and fresh lime juice and shake it. It will just give you 70 calories more.

Cocktails with twist in making?

Piña Colada: Cut out the sugar and coconut milk mix from this cocktail and use one shot of coconut rum. With this use agave syrup and fresh strawberries and have a healthy and tasty cocktail ready for you.

Gin and Tonic: Use diet tonic water with gin because tonic water as similar calories as soda. You can also use seltzer water, but if you miss the taste of quinine that is there in the tonic water, then either add lime juice or use flavored seltzer and have this drink which has just 75 calories.

Lemongrass Collins: This is a lesser calorie version of Tom Collins from where you have to omit the sugar, syrup or any other artificial sweetener. For this you need to have vanilla vodka replacing gin along with lime juice, mint and vanilla for giving the sweet flavor, and lemongrass flavored sparkling water.