Botanical Dietary Supplements: What They Are and Their Uses

Plants are companions to mankind in many ways. Just as they breathe out oxygen and absorb man’s carbon dioxide, they also provide humans with plenty of medicines, foods and more to enhance their lives and keep them thriving.

From minerals in shampoo and lotions to body washes, face crèmes, and even cleaning supplies, botanicals have been used to create much needed products and foods.

Botanical dietary supplements are just another way that plants are providing much needed nutrients and minerals to humans of all ages.

What Is a Botanical?

Botanical is the name for a plant or plant piece that is highly valued for its therapeutic and medicinal attributes, flavors or scents. In fact, herbs are known as a subset, or relative, of botanicals as they serve much of the same purpose. The products created from botanicals that are specifically used to increase one’s health and maintain wellness are often called botanical or herbal products, or else phytomedicines.

Botanicals can also be used for other products that may or may not be geared to maintaining and improving health. These can be anything from scented lotions and soups to hair products and deodorizers.

Since they use botanicals as some of their main ingredients, these products are often better to use for hair, skin, nails and more because they are both natural and gentle on the body while still being effective. Botanicals are used in so many products that many of the nutrients man has come to rely on come from these plants and/or plant parts.

As with all medications, supplements, and therapies; consult your doctor.


Author: Superfood