Best 🍎 Superfoods For Your 💖 Heart

Some foods are better. Than others. And that’s the whole premise of this talk. Well we’re going to talk about the ones that are deemed super because they have lots of characteristics that make them better than others.

So even though there are a lot of foods out there that are good for you they have didn’t have many different characteristics that are good for you to be considered super.

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Video summary:

These foods that I’m going to talk to you about will help prevent cardiovascular disease. My specialty. Type 2 diabetes. More than half of my patients have diabetes hypertension.

90 percent of my patients have hypertension. Certain cancers I’d say a good Fourth of my patients have cancer. OK so broccoli. Oranges spinach and then there’s other things going with spinach blueberries. Those are really good and they freeze very well.

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Pumpkin not just for Halloween Turkey not just for Thanksgiving. SoI yogurt. Whole grains. Now. You know people are getting on the bandwagon nursing home grains. It truly needs to be whole grains it can’t be whole grains to start with and then process to oblivion.


Very very good. And there’s all the sidekicks for walnuts including the peanuts and macadamia nuts and I have tea. So those that are coffee drinkers might want to consider having a cup of tea every once in a while.

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Wild salmon

Not the farm the wild salmon and beans not just the kind that are musical. OK. And tomatoes. It’s not just about avoiding disease though it’s about feeling good. It’s not just the last four to a third of your life. For more info watch the video …..

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