What Are The 12 Benefits Of Eating 🥦 Green Vegetables❓ ( Video )


Twelve benefits of eating green vegetables healthy tips one lower cholesterol mustard greens and kale help lower cholesterol.

Hhere’s how the liver uses cholesterol to make bile acids which aid in fat digestion when bile acid binds with the fiber of these greens it gets excreted from the body.

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Video summary:

Which means the liver has to use up more cholesterol to make new bile acid.

Aand voila cholesterol levels are reduced according to a US study and nutrition research steamed mustard greens and kale do this to a greater extent than raw to preserve vision health leafy greens.

Iin particular kale dandelion mustard greens and Swiss chard are good sources of carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which help filter high-energy.

That may cause eye damage lutein and zeaxanthin reduce discomfort caused by claire decrease the risk of cataracts and increase how far you can see.

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Three help fuel your body a one cup serving of raw scarole provides 1/10 of your daily needs for vitamin b5 pantothenic acid though B vitamins help convert the carbs and food to glucose that the body can use as a fuel to produce energy B vitamins are water soluble.

Which means the body doesn’t store them so you need to get enough each day for boost bone health

The slightly bitter taste of many leafy greens is a good sign it reflects their high levels of calcium. It’s unlikely you’d be able to eat enough greens in one day to get a 1000 milligrams of calcium recommended daily for women ages 30. More infos in the video ……