Why Should I Eat Healthy?

We live in a supersized fast-food world. While it’s tempting to head for a drive-through and have a meal in an instant, the fat, calories, sodium, and cholesterol levels of these meals are off the scale and hardly healthy.So, why eat fresh instead of fast? Here are 6 reasons to change your diet:

1. Increased Energy Levels

Our bodies need the right kind of foods to boost energy and keep us alert during the day. Superfoods for energy include  salmon for its protein, avocados to improve concentration and vegetables to stop sugar crashes. Berries of all kinds contain fiber which keeps our minds focused and energized. Fried foods, too much pasta and sweets can leave you feeling sluggish.

2. Reduced Risk of Diabetes Type 2

Also known as adult onset diabetes, type 2 is often linked to adults that are overweight. According to the CDC, “More than one-third of U.S. adults suffer from obesity — 37.3 percent.” Bad food choices high in calories and eating too many sweets and snacks full of sodium and fats can lead to obesity.

3. Sets a Good Example for Your Kids

If you don’t eat healthy, chances are your kids won’t either. While kids are young and active, you may not see the results but as they age, they’re more apt to be overweight if they have learned bad eating habits.If your plate is full of healthy foods, organic, and natural foods and fresh foods,  it sets a good example for your children. Also starting them on a healthy diet at the toddler age promotes healthy eating.

4. Slashed Heart Disease Risk

Foods full of too much cholesterol like eating pastries on a regular basis can raise your cholesterol levels. So can foods that contain trans fats and foods high in saturated fats and oils. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease and heart attacks.

5. Balanced Hormones

Both men and women benefit from balanced hormones. Adding a superfood supplement like Maca to your diet can help keep hormones on track. Our hormones change as we age. Women suffer imbalances when in menopause and men lose testosterone levels.

Maca  can help keep those levels balanced and it’s also a great aphrodisiac.Dark and leafy greens like spinach are full of magnesium and can help naturally balance hormones. Foods rich in vitamin D such as fish, soy and oatmeal also helps to keep hormones where they should be.

6. Lowered the Risk of Cancer

The Stamford Medicine Cancer Institute recommends eating foods high in phytochemicals, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to help lower the risk of cancer. This means adding bright-colored fruits to your diet along with whole grains and legumes.

Being conscious of what goes into our bodies is such a hot — and smart — topic these days. Get started today on living and eating healthy and try the extremly antioxidant and vitamine rich Maca Root.