What Are The Cons Of Alternative Medicine And Treatment Modalities?

Fewer scientific evidence. There’s still very limited evidence that backs up positive claims about alternative medicine as compared to traditional medicine.

Fortunately, with the increasing demand for this healing approach, more studies are being conducted to prove any existing theories and claims.

OK, so tell me, what are the Cons Of Alternative Medicine And Treatment Modalities?

May not be the best course of treatment in all situations. While alternative medicine may have been effective in treating a huge number of ailments, it is not wise to depend entirely on alternative medicine as your primary treatment of choice.

There are serious diseases, infections, or injuries that require prompt conventional intervention. Any delay in seeking traditional treatment, whether it be for a few days or a few months may lead to further disease progression and even death.

It is important to know that there is no “one size fits all” form of alternative medicine, as every person’s needs are different.

Marketing hypes. Because of some marketers’ attempt to sell, some of the products may have confusing labels such as “safe” and “natural”, which actually differ in their meanings.

Many people may also have unrealistically high expectations of alternative therapies and confuse them with “instant healing” or “miracle cures” that are nothing but empty promises.

Results are sometimes questionable. While complementary medicine may have worked very well for others, it is not for everyone. Just as it is with conventional medicine, sometimes the belief of the person receiving the treatment is stronger than the intervention itself, and so the person is more likely to report positive results, which can be questionable.

May interact dangerously with conventional medicine. While best results may often be observed when both conventional and alternative doctors collaborate to achieve health goals, there are cases when alternative therapies are contraindicated with the patient’s condition.

Even natural and herbal remedies that are supposedly “safe” may interact with one’s prescription or over-the-counter drugs, potentially producing adverse effects.

Commitment is a challenge. Alternative medicine often focuses on teaching the person regarding healthy attitude, nutrition, and lifestyle. It requires a great deal of energy, time, and commitment in order to fully partake of the benefits that complementary medicine has to offer.

As with all medications, supplements, and therapies; consult your doctor.

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