Unseen 🌿 SUPERFOOD in Amazon Jungle ( Video )

That’s the acai? Before we go onto the boat, we’re just walking through the market.

We’re gonna go just to the fish market section just for a little while. Take a look at the fish, possibly get a unique fish for lunch today.

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Video summary:

That colorful palm nut is called papunya. Papunya, I think, but then, yeah. Man, there’s so many things native to the Amazon, to this region of Brazil, to this region of the world.

Some of these are acai, some of these are fishing, right? We’re going to a specific market.  Buy me a sausage, chicken, and beef.  Sausage, chicken, and beef? I’ll have a sausage, chicken, and beef.

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I love the slender palms. I’m not sure if those are acai yet, but those slender palms that literally even come out of the water. The banks of the river. Oh, man, you see chocolate pods, cacao

. This is a jungle Amazon paradise. So these are; he just did explain that. These tall, slender palms are the acai palms.