What Are The Easy, Tasty and Healthy Superfoods For Summer Smoothies?


More often than not, good tasting food doesn’t come with good health benefits – i.e: pizza, french fries, cake, chips, fried chicken, bacon, burger, and of course everyone’s favorite, the ice cream. What could be the easy and healthy solution?

– You can add superfoods to your smoothies.
– There are many variations to improve the health benefit of your smoothies.
– Each superfood has different nutrients to offer.

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During hot days, we can’t help but crave for these cold treats but for some health reasons, we have second-thoughts consuming it.

The good news is, there’s the next best thing you can opt to have – the thirst-quenching smoothies. These can be made from healthy ingredients, eliminating your worries when it comes to nutritional values.

Some already-popular flavors include berries, banana, nut butter, and milk. To give more variation, here are 10 awesome superfoods that can easily be added to your smoothie mixture:

1. Matcha
2. Camu-Camu
3. Maqui
4. Collagen
5. Turmeric
6. Maca
7. Goji Berries
8. Chia Seeds
9. Cacao
10. Hemp Seeds

Author Marygrace Taylor gives us more details in this article.