School To Take Holistic Approach?

Kathy Wood, owner of the new Weber charter school says it will have a holistic approach to education. Each charter school will have at least one specialty. In the school, the child will enjoy the whole development of mind, body and soul.

Connect the kids with nature?

The school will help connect the kids with nature and teach them all that they need to know about sustainability. The founders of the school are planning to incorporate a miniature farm or a mini school garden where the kids can learn about seeds, plants, and how to care for gardens. The kids will be involved in many activities that will help in their overall development.

“We only need four or five acres for the school,” she said, which leaves plenty of room for growing healthy foods. “We could do a miniature farm, or at minimum a school garden. Kids will go out and learn about seeds, plant a garden, and care for the garden. When they come back in the fall, they can harvest what they planted.”

That’s important, because one of the goals of the school is to incorporate Dr. Carey D. Lloyd’s “Prescription for Health.” Lloyd, a pediatrician in Pleasant View, promotes the “5-4-3-2-1-Almost None” plan, which stresses five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, four positive comments a day, three structured meals daily, two or less hours of television or video games, one hour or more of moderate to vigorous activity each day, and almost no sugar-sweetened drinks.

Becky Wright from the Standard Examiner wrote a interesting article:

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