Plant-Based 🌿 Pork Superfood Will Launch In Hong Kong – Aims To Reduce Number Of Pigs Killed Annually


There are a lot of plant-based products available in the market that have been produced in order to be substitute for meat. In Hong Kong, a new superfood will be launched this summer.

– A superfood called Omnipork will launch in Hong Kong.
– This product tastes like real pork.
– It is considered a superfood because…

The product is called Omnipork and was made by David Yeung, the founder of Green Common. Yeung claims that it will be a healthier option and will save a lot of pigs from being killed annually.

The superfood reportedly tastes like real pork sans the negative health and environmental effects. Yeung noted that around 700 million pigs are killed in Asia every year due to its high demand.

Omnipork is considered a superfood as it is made from rice, shiitake mushroom, non-GMO soy, and plant protein.

Omnipork will be out in the market in June.

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