How to turn 🍝 Pasta, Oats and Mangoes into Superfoods

With a few simple tricks, you can make any food into a superfood and improve its nutritional benefits.

– You don’t need to make a lot of changes to turn any food into a superfood.
– Pasta can be a superfood by preparing it al dente.
– You can also eat the peelings of mangoes.

Increasing the nutritional benefits of your food can be done by properly selecting, storing and cooking it.

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Pasta can be a superfood when you can take advantage of its carbohydrates. The best way to prepare pasta is by al dente.

Preparing pasta al dente makes it have a lower GI, or glycemic index, than when you boil it soft. You can further reduce the GI of your pasta if you chill it. Wholegrain pastas are also healthier with more fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Do you like mangoes? Did you know that you can eat its skin? Mangoes contains loads of vitamin C and vitamin A. Mango peelings are edible and has 400 times more mangiferin, an antioxidant, than the fruit itself.

Oats are wholegrains that are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and calcium. The best way to prepare oats is to microwave them, since this keeps 40 percent of the starch compared to hob cooking.

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