How To Start Keto 🍖 Diet?


Eugenic diet weight loss is one of the huge ones and so a lot of people get going for that reason alone. So I’m going to help you make this super simple for you so that you’re not confused because I know a lot of people are so confused when they first learn about this type of lifestyle and it’s really not.

As confusing as it seems. I know for me when I first started learning about the ketogenic diet I was still confused about macros micros. What the heck they are how you count them.

📺🔥➡️ Discover The Easy 20 Day Keto Challenge ✅

📺🔥➡️ Discover The Easy 20 Day Keto Challenge ✅

Video Summary

All of that. It seems so confusing to me as well as net carbs and all of that stuff. But to make this really easy for you guys basically what it is when you’re following a ketogenic lifestyle which this is a lifestyle so many people follow this type of way of eating forever.

For me I have adopted it into my lifestyle. I didn’t lose all of this weight and then went back to eating junk. No this became my life and I love it. I love how you feel when I eat ketogenic if I fall off track.

You know every once in a while yeah it happens I mean I’m human. I go on vacation sometimes there isn’t the type of foods that I need to eat. We lost power we’re here in the Northeast and we lost power and you know it is what it is.

So I had to eat what I had to eat but anyway it happened. So that’s life and that’s OK. Know you’re going to find in your life to a way that works for you but when you get going on this type of lifestyle really you want to wrap your mindset around making this a true lifestyle not just a diet not just something you start and plan to stop.

📺🔥➡️ Discover The Easy 20 Day Keto Challenge ✅

This is something you can literally do forever and you you can do it easily in your lifestyle and it’s going to make it. It’s going to make your life great because you’re going to see you’re going to feel amazing on the kitchen diet.

Keto means you are eating high fat?

So basically Keto means you are eating high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates. Now if you have the standard american diet you’ve probably been eating carbs like for ever and you’ve been told you need to eat low fat.

You need to eat low calorie. You need to eat all the foods that you’re eating and carbs and protein and so your diet may be full of a lot of carbs cereals things you think are healthy.

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But I’m here to tell you those types of foods are not they’re not good. Like I feel like we were lied to forever because this is like a huge thing this whole shift and you have to shift your mindset around that too because I know a lot of people get started and they’re so afraid to start eating that. It’s so scary because you’re told you fat it will make you fat.

What happens when you if you feed your body fat?

Right. And you believe it. But the complete opposite is true if you feed your body fat and your body starts running on fat as its primary fuel source.

You know what happens. Your body is burning fat for fuel. It burns your body fat when it runs out of the foods. The fact that you’re eating and there is no way that you can eat enough fat in your day to run your body your body like you would be.

📺🔥➡️ Discover The Easy 20 Day Keto Challenge ✅

I mean I came in and you would be eating so much fat you would be ridiculous. And that’s not even possible so that’s where the ketogenic diet works because people get full unless because the food is satisfying you’re never hungry you’re never deprived.

You don’t go without you know eating unless you aren’t hungry and so you don’t eat. And that’s the other thing you can actually follow your body’s lead and start learning when you’re actually hungry or if you’re eating for other reasons like stress eating or just eating too because you’re bored.

Whats different with the Keto Diet?

Oor a lot of those other things you’re going to find with the Keto diet when you get going on that you’re not going to have the same reaction to eating or at least you’re going to learn to eat when you’re hungry because you’re going to find your you’ll be more in touch with your body.

📺🔥➡️ Discover The Easy 20 Day Keto Challenge ✅

And that’s amazing. OK. So how do you do it. How do you do the Keto diet. This is what I recommend. If you’re just getting started into this I don’t recommend that you get going tracking your macros right away.

And there’s a reason for that. The main reason is because you don’t want to get overwhelmed and it can be super overwhelming when you first start getting going into this and learning about things and trying to do it all at once.

How to to get into ketosis?

And then if it’s too overwhelming you’re going to give up so and you can get great results doing it the way that I recommend which is just start with your net carbs try to eat 20 net carbs or less a day and you’re going to have some serious shifts happening you’re going to get into ketosis which is that is when your body is burning fat for fuel it’s producing this BHP which is causing your body to be running on fat as fuel it’s like the byproduct.

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When your body is burning fat for fuel so it’s going to you’re going to feel great. But initially you might have the Kino flu which is totally common when you cut out all that sugar.

You cut out all the carbohydrates so we’re talking about no more breads no more cereals no more pastas these things are not good. And you think like how will I eat if I’m not eating those things. I’m telling you you’re going to be eating green leafy veggies you’re gonna be eating fresh meats cheeses olives.

These are the things that you want in your diet?

You want your diet rich in foods that are really good for you. And so you’re not going to be eating as much packaged foods you’re going to be eating more real foods.

📺🔥➡️ Discover The Easy 20 Day Keto Challenge ✅

So that is one of the reasons why the ketogenic diet is so amazing for your health because the foods that you’re eating is going to be loaded with much more nutrition and nutrients than a lot of these bread pastas you’re getting a lot of calories but you’re not really feeding your body. So you’re going to be getting a lot more here.