Herbal Remedies Treat Fungal Infection?

Fungal infection affects about a billion people each year throughout the world and the symptoms are enough to make you feel absolutely irritated as your skin will constantly itch and social interaction will be uncomfortable.

Although there are many chemical based over the counter medications available, to heal your skin inside out, herbal remedies are the solution.

You can use simple herbs available in your kitchen or garden to treat fungal infection and restore the smoothness of your skin.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal property of herbs such as garlic, chamomile, tea tree oil, and tincture help treat skin infection naturally.

Tea Tree Oil

This remedy is quite uncommon especially in metropolitan cities. This
is because it requires fresh tea trees which are not available in these
cities. For curing the infection you need to apply the fresh tea tree
oil directly on the affected skin.

Diluting it in vegetable oil may prove beneficial for women’s having
sensitive skins. It should be applied twice a day for about a week or so
for getting rid of the infection.

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