Fragrant Herbs For Holiday Season

Holiday time is here and festivity is in the air. You can smell the mouthwatering dishes cooking, fragrant smell of flower decorations and scent of the fresh herbs.

The fresh and fragrant herbs can not only be used to enhance the flavor of dishes but they are also used to decorate the house.

Using holiday herbs for decoration is a great natural way to add fragrance and beauty all around. The herbs are available in a wide range of textures, scents, shapes and colors.

They can be used in many ways in various places to create a difference. You can create wreaths using fresh herbs from the garden, add them to bouquets, make bows and place them near candles. If you do not have a garden area, you may use indoor pot plants to grow herbs.

Use fresh or dried herbs in wreaths (an Advent wreath with biblical
herbs in it is a conversation piece for the holidays), dried
arrangements, or swags.

Potpourri with a wintery scent is a great way to
add fragrance anywhere. Glue potpourri or dried herbs, cones etc.
around a picture frame to add color and fragrance – a gift to please
anyone. Pomanders (oranges studded with whole cloves and rolled in
ground spices) smell like Christmas and is a great project for children
of any age. You can also use 2-inch crab apples for smaller children so
the project won’t take as long and will keep their attention until
completed. Herb-scented candles, candles with essential oils or herbs
embossed on the outside smell wonderful anywhere. I don’t, however,
recommend ………..

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