Acupuncture Relieves Pain Without Side Effects?

If you have been suffering from pain and chemical-based, drugs don’t seem to work then consider acupuncture along with herbal medicines.

Herbs are a natural way to alleviate pain without any side effects. Recent studies have proved that acupuncture along with herbal medicines helped in providing overall healing.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine helps in relieving stress levels and improves the sleep quality in individuals, hence when used along with herbs, it is found to be very effective.

Getting at least 6 hours of sleep helps individuals stay refreshed and stress free, which the main objective of this traditional therapy.

acupuncture plus herbs group had a 54.8% total clinical recovery rate
and the drug group had a 32.3% total clinical recovery rate. The
acupuncture plus herbs group had a 35.5% marked improvement rate and the
drug group had a 22.5% marked improvement rate. The failure rate for
acupuncture plus herbs was 3.2% and the drug group failure rate was

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Author: Superfood