Fertility Definition

Are you thinking of consulting a fertility specialist to improve your chances of having a baby, look whats the fertility definition? There are many like you who wish to get pregnant but they are unable to experience the joy of parenthood due to the fertility issues. If you and your partner are having unprotected sex for about a year and the woman in question is less than 35 years of age then you must consult a specialist.

On the contrary, if the woman’s age is more than 35 years and the couple is unable to get pregnant after six months of unprotected sex in the most fertile periods, they should seek medical help immediately. In this post we will tell you about some common things that your fertility specialist may ask you and what you should know in order to answer his/ her questions correctly.

Are you ovulating?

This is a common question that most fertility doctors ask and the standard method to know this is measure the basal body temperature using the BBT charts.

Do you have a medical history?

Before recommending any kind of fertility test or treatment for you, the fertility specialist may want to know your fertility definition and your medical history.

If you have thyroid dysfunction or other hormone related problems then you must disclose this clearly to your doctor and this will enable him to indentify the issues better and provide require treatment.

The preliminary fertility tests usually involve tests for both men and women, as the chances for beiong responsible for infertility is 30 percent for both sides.

What is semen analysis?

This is the most basic form of test recommended by doctors and it helps identify infertility issues in men. With the help of semen analysis (SA), you will be able to evaluate the quality and quaintly of sperms. This test is quite simple in nature, and most of the doctors will tell you to undertake this test.

What are the possible fertility treatments that may be recommended?

The fertility treatment usually begins with a simple test and then it will involve some medications and series of treatments. The most common types of fertility treatments include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) like ICSI, PGD, and others.

Whats the fertility definition?

Fertility is the ability of an organism to reproduce.

The terms fertility and fertility are used interchangeably for plants, multicellular organisms, animals and humans.

Fertility in humans

Human fertility also plays an important role in medicine. It can be affected by various interventions or external environmental influences. Fertility can be reduced temporarily or permanently by alcohol, tobacco and drug use or various medicines.

In western industrialized countries, sterility is often deliberately caused by sterilization. However, this should only be done with complete clarity that there is no further desire to have children, because this intervention can rarely be reversed.