Superfoods Market – Weird Looking Superfoods

Look whats arround the superfoods market. Tired of the same superfoods? Why not change things a bit and try eating some unusual fruits or veggies that you may have never heard of or seen before.

In this post, we have listed a few strange looking superfoods that are available on the superfoods market, but we warn you – don’t go on their face value because they are very nutritious inside and come with awesome health perks. Check out the list below and try some of these!


The scaly outer skin may be a turn off but don’t let that deter you because underneath that ugly skin you have a soft and delicious pulp that melts inside your mouth and feels so creamy and soft. Also nicknamed as custard apple, the Cherimoya tastes a little like banana and pineapple.

The superfood contains more fiber than an apple and provides the required amount of vitamin C.

Star Fruit:

Also known as carambola, the tropical fruit has a tart flavor and makes for a great addition to seafood or meat preparations. This fresh and medium-sized fruit contains about 28 calories and loads of fiber, potassium and your daily dose of vitamin C.

The fruit is juicy and luscious like a watermelon, and the crunchy feel like that of a cucumber.


Looks like shrunk oranges but these tiny little cute superfoods are packed with awesome flavor and a lot of nutrition. Although they seem like they belong to the citrus family, there are often classified as Fortunella.

They contain high amounts of vitamin C and fiber, and you can eat the complete fruit leaving the rind.

Buddha’s Hand:

This is a strange looking superfood with finger like appearance and it has a lemony flavor although it does not have a pulpy texture like the citrus fruits.

The rind of this fruit also works for zesting and it has a flavor like the conventional citrus fruit. Buddha’s Hand is rich in vitamin C and provides your daily recommended dose.


Also known as pitahaya or pitaya, this hot-pink showstopper superfood that appears like a jester’s crown with curly green petals but they are highly nutritious. The white pulp tastes less flashy but the nutritional content makes it an incredible superfood.

So, don’t go by their face value…add a few of these strange superfoods to your diet and enjoy the surprises that Mother Nature has for you.

Whats more on the superfoods market

Don’t go by the exterior façade while judging these foods! You will be pleasantly surprised by what lies beneath the surface. In the previous post, we had listed some superfoods that are ugly on the outside but soft and pulpy inside with awesome health benefits.

We have brought a list of another 5 weird looking superfoods that you may have never tasted or heard of before, but ‘now’ is the time to explore superfoods that Mother Nature offers to us and we are unaware of them.


This is a spiky little fruit that may look repulsive from the outside and it is also called horned melon or the African horned cucumbee due to its appearance. The superfoods market is full off surprises and if  you cut it open, you will discover a juicy green inside that tastes something like kiwi, banana, zucchini, and cucumber.

As the fruit is juicy and delicious, it taste great and also keeps the body hydrated. It’s contains high amounts of potassium, and fair quantities of vitamins A, C and some iron contents.


This is a huge fruit that may be as large as 80 pounds and it is often known as the buttery flesh. This fruit is starchy and it makes delicious homemade chips. The fruit may be eaten raw or made into various curry recipes.

The superfood is rich in vitamin C and manganese, which makes it good for liver, kidneys, bones, and pancreas. It is also good for nerve and brain function.


This curious looking superfood is a less known kin of lychee and it shares some similar features. The white flesh inside the fruit tastes like grapes and it may be eaten raw.

Only remember to discard the seed present inside the flesh. The superfood is rich in vitamin C, manganese, and iron.

Turmeric Root:

You may be familiar with turmeric in the form of spices in your spice rack however do you know that the powder comes from a weird looking root that needs to be grinded and grated before you can actually add it to other dishes to enjoy numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that turmeric root contains curcumin that works like an effective antioxidant that helps fight off several types of cancer.


The tough shell is just a faced, but when you dig deeper you will find a luscious sweet and tangy flesh that contains high amounts of iron, fiber, and vitamin C. The food is also an awesome source of B vitamin folate that is good for pregnant women.

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