A Dietitian Gives REAL TALK About Superfoods!🍐🍇🍉

About Superfoods!

When we talk about food, no one is more expert about this topic than a Nutrition and Dietitian!

– Do you know what Nutritionists have to say about superfoods?
– Does Dietitian approve and recommend these foods as well?
– Are Nutrition and Dietitians eating superfoods themselves?

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Dietitians give their well-appreciated opinion about superfoods. Finally, an expert perspective on the topic, that can help us in making informed choices about the food that we eat.

It is important that before we dive into the popularity of superfoods, and eat as many as we could get our hands on, we have to make sure that we are consuming the right kind of superfoods for our body’s needs.

The good news is, according to experts, superfoods are most likely chemical-free, still depending of course on how they were cultured or grown.

Aside from that, superfoods are also low in calories. Although it is better to not generalize and assume that all superfoods have the same benefits, it’s always better to have personal consultations with a doctor.

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