Crispy Vegetable Saffron Millet Croquettes

Do you love Crispy Vegetable Saffron Millet Croquettes? In the article you find a easy to follow recipe.


4 cups, good for 6 croquettes


1 carrot
1 zucchini
1 clove of garlic
1 parsnip
1 cup uncooked millet
1/2 1 red onion
A pinch of salt
A big pinch of saffron
2 cups of filtered water
Coconut oil or olive oil

Saffron Millet Croquettes
Saffron Millet Croquettes


Follow the direction from the packaging for cooking instructions.

When it’s time to reduce the millet to a simmer, add the saffron. Using our bare hands, crush the saffron in your palm.

Drop the crushed saffron into the millet.
While waiting, organize the set up in place: dice the vegetables and mince the garlic.

Boil in water or sauté the vegetables in oil until they are soft. In doing so, start with the onion, add the garlic and a pinch of salt, then the carrot and parsnip and lastly the zucchini.

Cook the mixture for only a few minutes so that the zucchini remains bright green.
Mix the vegetables into the millet.

In making the croquettes, put the vegetable millet mixture into the food processor and allow it to rip until the vegetables are finely processed.

Form six equal-sized croquettes, you can use an ice cream scoop if you need help with molding.
Heat up a non-stick pan and add a small amount of oil (around one turn of the pan).

Cook one side until it is golden brown. Carefully flip and cook the other side.
Drain using a kitchen towel to remove excess oil and then serve.

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