Colorful Herbs?

Colorful herbs / 2023852 from Pixabay

What are colorful herbs? Planting and growing herbs in this time of the year can be tough as frost can destroy these plants any time of the day.

However, there are two less common herbs that bloom beautifully in the garden during this time and these are cardinal basil and golden pineapple sage.

How to add colorful herbs to your herbal garden?

So, if you are thinking of adding some new colors to your herbal garden then these two will make a striking addition. The lovely color of golden pineapple sage look absolutely wonderful while cardinal basil has flowers that come with aromatic leaves. With good fertilization, the plants can flourish wonderfully and add aesthetic value to your garden.

When you think of sage you probably think about Thanksgiving dressing or some other savory dish. When you think about a sage plant a greenish-gray textured leaf comes to mind. But Golden Pineapple Sage is an altogether different plant. The plant is best grown from starts purchased in the spring and allowed to grow throughout the summer.

As the name implies, this plant has a nice golden chartreuse leaf color during the summer. The plant develops into a small ……………..

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