How to prevent chronic diseases?

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Is there a way to prevent chronic diseases? Pain can have a variety of causes. Injuries, lack of exercise, tension, rheumatic diseases, pinched nerves, overstrained muscles or worn joints are among the triggers for acute or chronic pain. Sometimes they are so severe that something must be done about them. Herbal agents are a good alternative to the usual painkillers from the pharmacy.

How to prevent chronic diseases?

The video below shows how to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

Oily tinctures against nerve pain?

Nerve pain is particularly unpleasant, burning like fire or pricking like needles. The system itself responsible for pain transmission is attacked by injury, metabolic disease or infection.

The most feared is lumbago, in which the pain shoots from the lower back into the leg. Information specifically about nerve pain in the leg can be found here.

For nerve pain, externally applied oily extracts of lavender, lemon balm or aconite can bring relief. Extracts of devil’s claw or willow bark are a stomach-friendly alternative to conventional painkillers.

Capsicain for muscle pain?

Muscle pain is familiar to anyone who has ever overdone it with sports. The muscle soreness disappears again by itself after two to three days.

If muscle pain lasts longer, it can have a very negative effect on the quality of life. People with rheumatic diseases know this. Proven helpers for muscle pain and tension are warming pain patches containing capsicaine, the extract of cayenne pepper fruit.

Medicinal herbs for joint pain?

Joint pain can occur due to inflammation or wear and tear. Injuries to joint cartilage, ligaments or tendons can also lead to aching joints.

The previously mentioned devil’s claw can also be used very well for joint pain, as it has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect in addition to the pain-relieving effect. However, it takes about 14 days for the full effect of devil’s claw to be felt.

For rheumatic pain, extracts of turmeric or frankincense can be taken. Both have an anti-inflammatory effect and can thus help to relieve chronic pain.

Herbs against cancer?

Cancer is a deadly disease, and prostrate, breast and uterine cancer can become a real nightmare for those suffering from it and those who see the sufferer slowly slip into darkness.

The disease is treatable if detected early but most people come for treatment after the cancer has already affected other parts of the body such as intestine or liver.

Good news is that cancer can now be controlled with the help of various types of herbs that are known to have medicinal values.

Asian countries such as China, India and Korea have used herbs for treating various types of life threatening diseases since ancient times. There have been cases where cancer has been completely rooted out with the help of herbs thus herbal treatments may be used to get rid of chronic ailments.

However, majority of the cases I have heard, patients come for treatment when the disease has spread to other internal organs like liver and intestines.
But I recently learnt that there are many herbs and various trees that have medicinal value to treat some of these ailments.

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