Would You Drink These Cocktails Filled With Superfoods?

A restaurant in Chinatown just added a new feature – a bar that is reportedly serving cocktails that are filled with superfoods.

A bar in a Chinatown in New York serves cocktails made with superfoods.
– Some of the ingredients are superfoods like cashew orgeat, cacao, and more.
– They also serve foods that are made from other superfoods.

The cocktails are said to be made with ingredients from California. These ingredients aren’t the normal ingredients used in cocktails because these are superfoods.

One of the drinks called The Great Protector is made with cacao, cashew orgeat, astragalus, and Thai bird chili bitters. The astragalus is reportedly used in traditional Chinese medicine. The menu even has a list of the superfoods that they use and alongside it are the benefits of such superfoods.

Aside from cocktails, the bar also serves healthy foods made from superfoods such as kimchi, dumplings, and more.

The cocktails’ price range from $15 to $18. The bar is open from Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Read the fascinating story by Serena Dai here – https://ny.eater.com/

Author: Superfood