Clergy ☦️ Mental Health: Self Care Is DIFFERENT From Self Interest!

Being a clergy is not easy, but it is a vocation that many people are willing to answer.

– During a convention, religious leaders took into a debate on the well-being of clergies.
– Mental health has become one of the central topics for people nowadays.
– Clergies, of course, are not an exemption from having the needs of any people.

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During one of the biggest gatherings of religious leaders from all over the country, one of the main topics that were discussed is the mental health status of people who were leading the Church. These religious people are not only in immense pressure, but they are also in great ordeal since they are caught between human needs and duty calls.

It is now a growing concern and experts wanted to emphasize that even clergy personnel need to have self-care, as this is very different from self-interest and self-care is an essential need especially for mental health stability.

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