Superfood Tips: Fat Burning Foods

All right so we’re going to talk about fat burning foods so there are actually two sets of hormones.

Those are hormones that trigger fat burning and then there are hormones that trigger fat storing and this principle really comes into play as you age.

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Video summary:

Because when you’re young you have a good metabolism you could pretty much get away with anything but when as you age you have to consider the hormones.

So we want to go and go away from the calorie counting and focus more on how foods influence the hormone effects so I’m going to just cover some really key points here.

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Nnumber one protein. All right if you have the right amount of protein which is three to four ounces per meal okay you will trigger the fat burning process that’s why skipping a meal especially for breakfast is not a good thing.

Because you’re not triggering any fat burning you’re actually starving your body your you’re creating a starvation reflex and it’ll actually cause more fat storing.

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So one of the triggering effects of fat storing hormones is starvation or going on a diet or being hungry because you’re not eating correctly.

Tthat’s why I think people will say sometimes like oh yeah you have to eat like seven meals a day or you have to keep eating more I’m gay I’m actually gaining weight because I’m not eating enough.

Wwell that may or may not be true it really has to do with are you eating enough nutrients in the calories because but we don’t want to go basically be starving your body alright so what you want a small amount of protein. Learn more in the video!