What Are The Best Anticancer 🍐 Vegetables?

Anticancer Vegetable. That doesn’t mean some veggies aren’t better than others. Some of these vegetables target multiple cancers at the same time.

So, using this groundbreaking new data, let’s play “Which is healthier?” Imagine you’re standing in line at one of those custom made-to-order salad places, where you get to choose your lettuce, choose your toppings, then choose your dressing.

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Video summary:

Let’s assume you don’t have a strong family history of any particular cancer, and so, aren’t trying to hone in on avoiding one tumor over any other. First, let’s choose our lettuce. Boston, endive, radicchio, romaine, or spinach? Which is healthier?

Out of the five, spinach is #1 against breast cancer— remember, the farther down, the better it is at slowing down these cancer cells. #1 against brain tumors, #1 against kidney cancer, #1 against lung cancer, and pediatric brain tumors— that’s why we need to feed our kids spinach! #1 against pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer.

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