Are There A Natural 🌿 Treatment Methods For Anxiety?

Herbal Supplements

There are many herbal supplements that can be used to cure your anxiety. These can be used as an alternative treatment to prescription medications but should never be mixed with prescriptions without first talking to your health care provider.

St. Johns Wart is a very well-known herbal supplement that can be used to cure anxiety. St. Johns Wart is the most popular herbal supplement for curing anxiety and it is the most reliable.

St. Johns Wart also contains a sedative that can help you sleep. It is best to take St. Johns Wart with your evening meal or right before you go to bed.

Kava is another herbal supplement that is well-known for treating anxiety. Kava is used to treat mild to moderate anxiety.

Unlike St. Johns Wart Kava does not contain a sedative. You should be very careful when taking Kava because it can affect the liver so it is recommended that you not drink any alcohol when taking it. It is also known to interact with anti-psychotics. If you are taking anti-psychotics you should speak to your doctor before taking Kava.

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