Acupuncture & Herbs Can Cure Childhood Asthma?

If your child has asthma problem, you may try alternative methods to cure the ailment besides using medicines. Some of the most effective alternative treatments to alleviate asthma symptoms are acupuncture and herbal medicines.

A recent study used Chinese medicines and alternative treatment methods, and the results were absolutely astonishing. Not one child receiving the alternative treatment needed emergency assistance.

The herbal treatment has found to be really useful?

Thus, the study showed that combining traditional Chinese medicine along with conventional drugs can benefit children having asthma problems. The herbal treatment has found to be really useful in stabilizing asthma symptoms in children and preventing the need for an emergency room.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment combined with conventional treatment provided additional benefits. There was a reduction in school absenteeism. The children’s parents had less disruption of their work schedules. There was less of a burden on families to provide caregivers.

The government shouldered lower overall costs and responsibilities associated with asthmatic care. The study demonstrates that combining TCM with conventional medicine for asthmatic children “may have a substantial impact” in reducing the severity of asthma, frequency of emergency services, hospitalizations and costs of providing care by parents.

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