Yoga Meditation to overcome self-doubt?

What did you mess up now? Is failure human? What can strengthen your basic trust? And again the self-doubt is there. Everything was going so well. You were happy and then the relationship went to pieces, accusations were hailing, you messed up, a project was not accepted, you didn’t get the apartment and already they are gnawing at you again.

What causes your self-doubt?

When we have self-doubt, it is a result of something deep inside us. Our basic trust may have been hurt by a deeply rooted belief or by a shock in our childhood. None of this should prevent you from knowing that you are important and good enough.

We all make mistakes and failures. It may be something unforeseen that we had not anticipated or we have been unfocused. Maybe our emotions got the best of us or we were simply wrong or not paying attention. To err is human and so is to fail.

Loving self-acceptance

If we want to dissolve our self-doubt, then we cannot wait for it to happen from the outside, for a person to tell us in an encouraging way “that something like this can happen to anyone”. It is important that we tell this to ourselves.

Observing thoughts

We should watch our thoughts. If this inner voice starts to criticize again, then we should stop it lovingly. You know you’re not perfect.

How do I strengthen my basic confidence?

A failure or a wrong decision should not nibble at our basic trust.

There is a gift in our basic trust. We can change. If we did something wrong, we can learn from it. We can also overcome crises.

Meditation can strengthen your basic confidence?

Self-love arises from our basic trust and vice versa. With this loving acceptance we can strengthen our basic trust again.

It is all about developing a positive feeling for yourself. We can do this by meditating silently.

We make ourselves comfortable, with and within our body. We enjoy lying or sitting still. We observe our surroundings without judgement or close our eyes. We let emerging thoughts pass by and feel this pleasant feeling for us again. We should repeat this regularly.

At the same time there are guided meditations to strengthen our own basic trust. Here we have to try out to find the right one.