Walking meditation – Walking differently?

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Can meditation also be moving? Can mindful walking be like meditation? Meditations are very diverse. Often we forget that there are also moving meditations, which can be integrated very well into everyday life and can help as a small help with stress attacks. One of them is the walking meditation.

What is the walking meditation?

As the name suggests, we walk in meditation. Walking becomes relaxation. The advantage is that we do not need any aids for this. Walking meditation belongs to the mindfulness practice of the Buddhist teachings. It is said that some traditions of Buddhism prefer walking meditation to the well-known sitting meditation.

Walking – breathing – mindfulness?

Walking meditation does not mean simply walking, as we are used to doing in everyday life when we move quickly from one place to another. In walking meditation walking is the essential and we do not have the goal to arrive somewhere. The concentration is on walking.

We walk attentively. By consciously paying attention to the movement of our feet, by feeling the ground, we find balance and can relax. We can perceive our environment without judgement and let emerging thoughts flow.

Breathing helps us to walk mindful. The steps of walking meditation should follow the natural flow of the breath. The focus on the exhalation can be helpful.

How does walking meditation work?

If we want to practise walking meditation, we should first stand up, take a deep breath and thereby create a distance between everyday life and meditation.

At the beginning walking meditation should be practiced in a place where we feel comfortable. Later it can be applied on any path.

Ten steps there and back are enough for the beginning. We consciously walk ten steps and pay attention to our sensations, which are transmitted by the feet. Ideally we walk barefoot. We walk in harmony with our breath. Gradually the number of steps can be increased.

What are the advantages of walking meditation?

Walking meditation can improve relaxation and even the mood. By concentrating on walking and breathing, we can get away from fears and worries or we can clear our head and become more balanced again.

A major advantage of walking meditation is that we can use it everywhere and do not need any aids. Perhaps it can become a help in stressful situations.