Self medicating using herbs may be dangerous?

Self medicating using herbs may be dangerous

The wild roots, herbs, and berries tend to contain a wide range of health benefits hence it makes sense to explore what’s in your garden and how it can be used to cure your ailments. The wild herbs that may look like an enemy to a perfectionist gardener actually contain a lot of medicinal value.

Self medicating using herbs may be dangerous …………..

You may add them to your salads to increase the nutritional value. Lise Wolff, a Minneapolis herbalist says that it’s shameful that most people ignore these types of wild plants.

Many people are skeptical about these plants although they may have dramatic results because some of them may be toxic too. Self-medicating using herbs may be dangerous hence it is essential to consult a good herbalist.

“People assume that if it’s natural, it’s good for you, but there are dangers to self-medicating with herbs. Plants can cause what they cure,” she said, noting that proper dosage and application are key.

“The job of the herb is to nudge the body to heal itself. Sometimes that involves stimulating hormones or the lymphatic system,” which a registered herbalist can help monitor. But beginning foragers can safely enjoy numerous easy-to-find plants.

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