Notes From The Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference,

Southeast Wise Women Herbal

The tenth annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference that was held from October 10 to October 12 saw a gathering of more than a thousand women who came from various parts of the country to learn herbal medicine. More than 45 teachers offered classes during the three day event. Mugwort is related with the moon …………..

Besides herbal education, some of the other subjects included women empowerment classes, relationships, and so on. The attendees got to learn many new and exciting things about the herbs such as Mugwort is related with the moon; the Holy basil or Tulsi is ruled by Mars; White Yarrow is considered as the Venus herb; Orris Iris is a sign of majesty and power, and Frankincense is related to Sun.

According to Foley, mugwort is associated with the moon. Plants aligned with the moon are connected to fluids in the body, help regulate menses, and are associated with the subconscious mind. Mugwort, which was commonly used in mead making throughout Europe, can be broken down into two words — “mug,” meaning brew, and “wort,” meaning plant.

Mugwort, which Foley associates with Monday, is used to enhance visions and dreams. The leaves and early flowers of the plant (which grows like a weed in the Appalachian Mountains) can be dried and burned. The smoke is thought to promote visions and can induce lucid dreaming. Burning the herb is also thought to move stagnant energy in the home and can be used as a smudge to clear a space …………………..

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