FoodCoin Develops New Cryptocurrency System To Engage More Farmers, Sellers In The Business

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FoodCoin is a company that was designed to engage farmers and sellers from the global marketplace in order to achieve greater efficiency and improve food systems. FoodCoin has come up with a new referral system so that more farmers will benefit from the company.

FoodCoin is a company that hopes to optimize food systems.
– Farmers and sellers are encouraged to join in order to be more efficient.
– FoodCoin just launched a referral system in order to…

FoodCoin and 1000ecofarms referral program will reward people who will register on the website via Once registered, people can go to so as to track the bonuses and referral fees whenever they recruit others to join FoodCoin.

Whenever a seller is referred by you, you get 5 percent of their revenue. Additional info about cryptocueencies you find on Cryptocurrency News. There is no time frame because as long as the seller is with FoodCoin, the person who referred them will get the 5 percent from the money given to FoodCoin.

Other ways to earn are through sellers purchasing a Premium Account and advertising on 1000Ecofarms.

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