Coconut Oil: Superfood or Not?

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Is coconut oil a superfood? The list of superfoods seem to grow longer as many foods join the group, but we wonder, is coconut considered one?

– Coconut offers a lot of nutrition, but the risky part is the possibility of cholesterol overload.
– Many consumers of coconut oil are not sure if it is a superfood or not.
-Coconut oil is suspected to have an effect in increasing blood pressure.

When you browse the internet and search for coconut oil uses and benefits, you will likely find celebrities endorsing coconut oil, saying they regularly take it at certain parts of their day. However, many may think twice before following the advice from these celebrities, primarily because they fear the possibility of high cholesterol levels in coconut oil.

Aside from that though, many other oil-based products such as rapeseed, corn, olive, and other oils have been under scrutiny. Coconut oil, however, has been receiving the most since it is the gaining the most attention the past few months thanks to celebrity endorsements and recommendations.

So, is cholesterol a superfood or not? How true is it that coconut oil has high cholesterol level?

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