Chinese Herbs That Help You Stay Fit This Winter

Winter not just means great coffee but also great smelling herbs that can enhance the taste of tea, coffee, or food items.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, it is important to understand the energy of each season and maintain the body balance.

Ginger, the secret winter weapon??

The three main Chinese herbs that you can find easily in the local grocery stores are Gou qi zi, commonly known as goji berries; Sheng jiang, mostly known as fresh ginger; and Rou gui, also known as cinnamon bark. These herbs help in improving the immunity system of the body and ensure that we stay fit and healthy at all times.

Sheng jiang, more commonly known as fresh ginger,
is a savior for anyone who has ever experienced nausea, an upset
stomach due to overeating, or the onset of a cold. Fresh ginger is used
in a significant number of Chinese herbal formulas and is known for its
ability to simultaneously stimulate the appetite and to calm the
stomach. It is believed to ease nausea by increasing digestive fluids
while absorbing and neutralizing toxins and stomach acid. Add several
slices of ginger to water and bring it to a boil for tea, or even
include it in your favorite chicken soup recipe at the first signs of
sneezing or ……………………….

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