Winter Herbs That Can Be Homegrown?

Nettle Plant

Growing herbs in winter has many benefits as it not only makes the long and boring days seem shorter but you also take pleasure in smelling the fragrant herbs and using them when you cook food.

The taste and aroma of the herbs are enough to enhance the quality of your dishes.


Another benefit of growing herbs is that you don’t need a lavish garden to be able to grow them and these compact plants can easily be grown indoors.

You just need to ensure that you provide good temperature to these plants. Some of the indoor herbs that you can grow are holy basil, spicy globe basil, extra curled dwarf parsley, and fernleaf dill.

you are a frugal gardener, it is nice to easily grow herbs in your home
without much extra cost or trouble. All you need is somewhere that has
enough extra room for a couple of fluorescent fixtures. These lights
need to be placed directly above the herbs to ensure they get adequate
light. It is a bonus if you can install the lights on small chains so
they can be adjusted to change the distance between the light and

Be aware that the amount of foot candles (a common measurement
of the brightness of light falling on a given area) hitting your plants
decreases substantially with the distance the light is away. Ideally you
never want to have your lights further away than about eight inches
from the lowest leaves. Therefore, this type of lighting works best for
shorter herbs.

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