What Makes Organic Barley Grass Powder A Fantastic Superfood?

Barley grass mostly grows in the temperate subtropical regions and they have been a fantastic source of food since prehistoric times. The germinated barley, which is also known as malt is the main ingredient in whiskey and beer.

Organic barley powder is a powerful superfood supplement that is made by squeezing young shoots of barley grass, and then they are dried at low temperatures to retain their essential nutrients.

Does organic barley grass powder contain high vitamins?

The superfood contains more vitamin B1 or thiamine than cow’s milk, and there is almost seven times the level of vitamin C than oranges. It is also a fantastic source of vitamin B12.

As we know Vitamin B1 aids in digestion, builds muscles, nervous system, improves cognitive function, and boosts the formation of red blood cells. Research has shown that raw food and vegan food enthusiasts are at a higher risk of health problems such as skin rashes, muscle cramps, skin ulcers, edema, headaches, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Vitamin C aids in strengthening the immune defense system and provides protection from bacteria and viruses. It heals wounds, lowers cholesterol levels, and prevents diseases like scurvy. It is important to get the required amount of Vitamin C from our daily diet.

Does organic barley grass powder offer more minerals?

The superfood contains high amounts of minerals, five times more iron than spinach, and eleven times more calcium than cow milk. Calcium is important to build strong teeth and avoid the onset of osteoporosis in women. Barley grass powder also contains high amounts of organic sodium that aids in easily dissolving calcium deposited in the joints and it also improves digestion.

Other essential nutritional value of the superfood?

Furthermore, organic barley grass powder also contains protein which is considered as the building block of life, needed by the body to repair the body and manufacture essential hormones and enzymes. Besides protein, they also contain fiber as it improves digestion and fights various chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Chlorophyll is also an important constituent of organic barley grass powder, and it aids in boosting the immune system. It also works like a detoxifier and natural alkaliser which help in cleansing blood and tissue of harmful toxins.