What Is The One Thing You Should Know About Weight Loss?

There have been numerous research studies conducted on weight loss, and surprisingly they come to different conclusions. Sometimes the results are also quite contradictory leaving the reader highly confused as to what to follow. Some studies for example may back a low-carb diet while others recommend carb as essential.

The studies may sometimes be inaccurate?

The studies may sometimes be inaccurate because it is difficult to specifically monitor what goes into each individual’s bodies and how they react to it. Dr. Freedhoff says “Ultimately you need to like the life you’re living food-wise if you’re going to keep living that way. It’s crazy to think, with billions of people on the planet, that there’s one approach that suits everybody.”

If you’re a stickler for detail, you’re still reading. And you’re probably curious about these two new studies, what they mean in the context of all the other diet literature, and why they have contradictory conclusions.

I’ll explain. The first study — which hailed the low-carb diet for weight loss — involved 148 black and white obese men and women and randomly assigned half the group to a low-fat diet and the other half to a low-carb diet. The participants were followed for a year, and by the end, researchers found that the low-carb group lost 12 pounds while the low-fat group lost about four pounds.

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