What Is A Bariatric Program? (Hint, Weightloss)

Bariatric surgery has now opened a new horizon in weight loss programs and many are opting for this type of surgery for better health. Experienced surgeons are performing gastric banding, gastric bypass, and gastrectomy surgeries.

Bariatric surgeries also help in curing problems like sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and diabetes, and so on. Those who cannot lose weight despite various attempts are now opting for this surgery. The doctors say that those patients do well and the operation is successful for those who understand the surgery and embrace the lifestyle changes that come along.

Patients who fully understand and embrace lifestyle changes involved with weight loss surgery are the ones who do well and have long-term success, says Dr. Pahuja.

For Sally, the surgery and new lifestyle resulted in losing 45 pounds within the first three months and she continues to transform her life and body.Meeting the surgical team made having this surgery a no-brainer, Sally says. That one hour seminar changed my life ……………… read more:http://www.app.com/

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