What Are The Best Anti Aging Tips Of All Time (Video)


So yesterday I was cleaning out my office and I ran across several photo albums that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

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Video Summary:

Most of these pictures were of me in my 20s and I think the main reason for that is we all started using phones for photographs when I was probably in my 30s.

So I don’t have any hard copies of photographs anymore so it was kind of fun to look at them.

What was also fun but maybe not so fun was looking at pictures of my face when I was in my 20s. It was a young. Full glowing face. And that got me thinking about my birthday which is this weekend. It’s actually tomorrow. Say it.

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Thank you. I am turning 48 and My 20s were some of the best times in my life.

And to think that that was 20 years ago just blows my mind. And with that I thought I would make this video today and share with you some of my best anti aging tips.

Now there are a few but there is one in particular that I actually think single handedly helped me slow down the clock on my face considerably. So here we go. We’ll go backwards.

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Number three oil. Yeah. The oil that is naturally produced in your face as well as the oil that you put onto your face.

I do not wash it twice a day. In fact sometimes I don’t even wash it once a day. I feel like the oils on my face are important and are there for a reason.