What Are Holistic Health Care Practitioners?

Holistic care practitioners

Have you ever asked yourself what a holistic health care practitioner is? Holistic medicine is a type of alternative medicine and treatment that treats the three most important parts of the patient: their body, mind, and spirit. These three elements are believed to make up the entirety of every human being, giving them a deep sense of purpose and their own personal energy.

Those who practice holistic medicine are known as holistic care practitioners, or doctors with an emphasis in holistic care. The point of holistic care is to treat the whole person in order to promote optimal health and wellness and prevent disease.

Holistic care practitioners take the primary goal of holistic medicine and make it the center of their practice.

Who Are They?

Holistic health care practitioners are doctors who view their patients in a unique way that can make all the difference during treatment and care. They take the whole person into account when creating a treatment plan so that the patient’s three most important elements will be in harmony to promote better balance throughout the body.

Not only do holistic care practitioners approach their patients as a whole person, they also strictly adhere to and believe in the Ten Practices of Holistic Medicine as according to the Holistic Medicine Organization website. Some of these practices include:

  • Optimal Health
  • The Whole Person
  • Love and Its Healing Powers
  • Everyone’s Innate Healing Power
  • Care that Builds a Patient-Practitioner Relationship

What Do Holistic Health Care Practitioners ?

Holistic care practitioners provide exceptional healthcare alternatives that integrate various treatment systems across different medicinal practices.

Holistic medicine incorporates unique alternative therapy methods along with conventional treatments, like prescription drugs and surgery.

Holistic health care practitioners take their vast knowledge of the holism philosophy and other forms of alternative medicines and treatments to bring their patients the best health care treatment plans and systems available.

They strive to create a real partnership with their patient and do so by talking with and getting to know their patients.

The best holistic health care practitioner-patient relationship is achieved when both parties trust one another, exchange values, and come up with therapies and treatment plans that are effective.

Holistic care professionals also work alongside their patients to get to the root of all obstacles that are in the way of their health and wellness. So, as opposed to conventional doctors that treat disease, holistic practitioners treat the person.

This goes back to the idea of treating the “whole” person. When the practitioner takes the patient’s mind, body and spirit into account, they can explore other reasons behind diseases and mental health problems.

Once they have gotten to know their patient well enough, holistic care practitioners can usually discuss and explore other treatment plans and lifestyle changes to help them work their way to achieving ideal health and wellness.

How Can I Choose a Good Holistic Practitioner?

Choosing a great holistic care practitioner is not hard, but, it does require research and patience. A good practitioner can be found a few different ways:

An Online Search: Find a practitioner is as easy as typing key words into a database. While any database will do, the best place to search is on the American Holistic Medical Association’s database. Here patients can find a complete list of qualified practitioners in their particular area.
Peruse A Guide: Stay informed by looking through the American Holistic Medical Association’s guide. This option can help patient’s find a great practitioner in their area.

Search Other Organizations: Patients can also search other organizations to find the right practitioner for them.

The right practitioner can really make all the difference in a patient’s healing process and overall treatment. Look for one today using these resources and the above information and begin enjoying the healing effects of holistic medicine.