Superfood Tips: Check out the Weight Loss Benefits of This Superfood

looking to drop some pounds today’s doctor’s prescription this is a really cool food it’s well known outside the US.

Catching on recently because it has some potential weight-loss benefits this is kamut this is known as a high-energy wheat alternative.

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Kamut is a perfect addition to a healthy diet it’s a great grain high in fiber and protein.

I was looking here in one serving you got seven grams of protein four grams of dietary fiber a European Journal of Clinical Nutrition study even found that eating the green can reduce cholesterol blood sugar and inflammation.

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So I always tell people when it comes to whole greens there’s more out there than just whole wheat and brown rice so go to your grocery store walk down that aisle yeah try these new ones this is a really cool one and more and more stores are putting it on the shelves.

As it comes from Middle East that’s yeah yep and in fairness we probably should have cooked some up to make it look more appetizing we’re not saying go and eat it raw but hey give it a whirl you

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