Weight 🍫 Loss And Hormones ( Video )

We’re going to teach you today some simple tools for metabolic health. Before we get started we want to introduce our host to you today which is Martin Pytela, the health coach at Life Enthusiast all right.

This is Martin Pytela currently the health coach and trainer and lecturer at Life Enthusiast a business we started online in 2001 back before then I did all kinds of interesting things that got me here much like many health coaches or people working in the alternative health field.

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Video summary:

I had an interesting journey it usually starts with a health crisis mine was induced by mercury toxicity that I picked up in a dentist’s office in a dentist’s chair.

I should say and going from that I had to educate myself about alternative health it turns out that the chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases that.

I also suffered from are largely caused by the industrial toxins and other few things that we pick up along the way.

Sso now life enthusiastic website at www.life-enthusiasts.com is a business that helps people either reverse chronic degenerative disease.

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Oor build peak performance it turns out that the same techniques that helped us to build health are applicable from either digging out from a hole or just reaching the top cool well.

I’m Scott Patton and I’m the co-host of the life enthusiasts online TV and radio show which we come pretty much every week around the world to 170 odd countries and sharing the different concepts philosophies and products that we have on the life.

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I’ve been on the show co-producing with Martin since 2005 or six or seven somewhere in there so over ten years and it’s it’s one of my loves because similar to Martin I’ve had many people around me and myself with different health issues and usually the the mainstream medical establishment cannot help us if it’s not a total catastrophe.

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