Tips For Understanding 😵 Dissociation – It’s A Self Care Thing!

Teenagers can sometimes be the most difficult people in the world to handle.

– Parents find it hard sometimes to communicate and reach out to their teenage kids.
– Common scenarios include talking back or complete utter silence from these young adults.
– Science has revealed that maybe there’s a reason for their silence, after all.

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Sometimes teenagers can be heard being noisy or all hyped up, in public or in private places. Yes, it’s true, teenagers can be the extremes of either mood – but what worries parents the most is when they don’t hear their children give any answer when they are being talked to.

In proper terms, these episodes are called dissociation, or being in a completely different trance and being unable to hear anything unless a sudden loud noise will disrupt their line of thinking.

There are many possible reasons why dissociation happens in teenager and most of the time, this may actually be useful in unconsciously maintaining their self-care routine.

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