Top 15 Superfoods 🍆 to Eat Daily for Optimal Health ( Video )

Have you ever heard of a “superfood”? Do you know why they’re called this? The term superfood means that the food is rich in a variety of nutrients.

They extremely beneficial to our health, which in turn improves our quality of life, since they help prevent disease. They contain powerful antioxidants, fight free radicals that attack our cells, and slow the premature aging of organs and tissues.

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Video summary:

Therefore they are considered powerful allies of our health, meaning we should consume them regularly.

You should consider including these foods in your diet, if you want to improve different parts of your organism, such as your bones, vision, and the functioning of your brain, in addition to other health benefits.

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Need to choose the right vegetables?

Here are some of these super foods: Eggs They are full of vital chemicals such as choline, for a healthy mind. Rosemary Its scent helps our brain and memory to function better due to their substances.

Beet This root is amazing at detoxifying our body. Avocado Avocados are rich in numerous fats that can be beneficial to our brain and circulatory system.

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Fish Eating more fish will improve your omega-3 intake, thus benefiting not only your memory but also your cardiovascular health. Cranberries Chock full of antioxidants, they are considered great for young brains. Whole grains Complex carbohydrates are extremely healthy for our digestive system since they have a rich source of fiber and omega-3. Learn more in the video.