Top 11 Superfoods For 💪 Endurance Athletes ( Video )


Supporting your triathlon training with a good balanced diet is essential for your performance today I’m going to be looking at which superfoods can give you that natural boost let’s start by addressing the term or word superfood.

Now many nutritionists actually shudder at the thought of that word because there is no one a singular food that can give you that amazing boost that can make you a better faster stronger athlete overnight.

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It is about combination of various and nutritious foods combined with a training plan that will make you a better athlete that said some foods pack more of a punch when it comes to our nutrient values than others.

It is these nutrient rich foods that are thought to actually be more beneficial to our overall health but before we go into the foods that I’ve chosen I had to obviously cap it somewhere and I couldn’t include every food that’s good for you and I did some research.

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Spoke to some experts and I have chosen my 11 favorite superfoods starting with eggs the standout reason for eating eggs is bought their protein content because they contain all of the essential amino acids and they’re easy to digest now on top of this macronutrient they’ve also got vitamins minerals omega-3 and antioxidants. Learn more in the video!