The 7 Best Keto 🍊 Superfoods ( Video )

Today I’m going to share seven keto friendly super foods that you’ll want to add to your diet immediately for a healthier life.

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About our specialized supplement line you see living a healthy lifestyle is one of my biggest passions so much so that I’ve written multiple cookbooks and hundreds of meal plans.

So that people like you and me can eat clean and stay healthy and you better believe that all of the super foods we’ll talk about today make appearances in each one of those cookbooks as well as on my own dinner table.

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Ok let’s dive into talking about what a superfood is how they tie into the keto diet and which ones are our favorites the term superfood packs a powerful punch and to be honest it kind of makes me want to do this yep much better.

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Simply put superfoods are so densely packed with nutrients that they can positively sway and impact our health specifically they contain micronutrients which are vitamins and minerals that keep our bodies healthy take vitamin A for example it’s essential for vision and skin health and one more deficient it can lead to vision problems in the long run