Superfoods You’ve Never Heard Of! – Where To Find Them?🍒🥑🍎


They say that superfoods don’t taste THAT GOOD. Wait till you see, smell, and try these!

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– Superfoods are not really as sweet and appetizing as candy.
– Many people think that the superfoods they’ve tried are the WORST!
– Asian market has a totally different level for superfood strangeness.

From the unusual colors to the unusual taste, and most of all, its unusual source. These are some of the reasons why many Westerns find the Asian variety of superfoods very unusual!

Superfoods can vary in their taste, their source, their colors, and even the nutrition they offer. One thing they do have in common is the HEALTH BENEFIT that they can offer the consumers.

You may have tasted the common superfoods being sold in the market these days, and you may have complained of its not-so-pleasant taste or smell.

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Wait till you taste these top 10 Asian superfoods, and you will realize that the ones you’ve tried might not be that bad afterall.

1. Virgin Boy Eggs
2. Bird’s Nest
3. Ant Egg
4. Raw Horse Meat
5. Turtle Jelly
6. Boiled Silkworm
7. Kopi Luwak
8. Blood Cubes
9. Snake Wine
10. Fish Genitals

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