Top 10 🍆 Superfoods List Countdown (Video)


This is our top ten superfoods list of recommendations for those of you looking to increase your own nutritional potential by eating some of the best quality nutritionally condensed foods available.

These particular superfoods happen to be 10 of our personal favorites that can be easily added to blended drinks recipes or taken in supplement form.

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Video Summary:

Certain superfoods on this list may personally call out to you whereas others might be less appropriate for you and your current health goals.

Top 10 superfoods list countdown. Number 10. Maca is a crucifix radish like tuber that grows at high elevations in the South American Andes Mountains where it has been utilized as a root vegetable for centuries often referred to as Peruvian ginseng for its energizing effects.

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Need to choose the right vegetables?

It is most frequently consumed as a raw or gelatinous sized powder outside of its natural habitat. Top benefits of mocha. Natural non caffeinated energizer.

Can help to increase stamina and physical endurance. Known as an aphrodisiac for its libido enhancing influence.

What Are The 🍎 Superfood Sources of Vitamin B12 ❓

Shown to have a hormone balancing effect for menopausal women. Potentially beneficial for increasing bone density may help to improved mood and relieve mild depression.