Best 🥑 Superfoods For Everyday ( Video )

Best Superfoods For Everyday

It is currently seven thirty six in the morning and I decided I’m going to do a what I eat today video like a full day eating.

I’m going to start with breakfast for breakfast I’m gonna be doing a cereal like healthy Bowl.

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Video summary:

I’m craving cereal but I want to pack in some nutrients to make it like more healthy so the cereal that I have is the Cascadian Farm organic honey oat Crunch cereal the ingredients are pretty clean taste like Honey Bunches of Oats like the healthier version of it.

As for like nutrition and seeds I’m gonna do some pumpkin seeds probably about a spoonful of chia seeds and some hemp hearts for added protein and then I’m gonna add some fruit I’m gonna do some blackberries raspberries some banana and then I’m going to top it off with this Trader Joe’s almond beverage it’s just almond milk it’s like the one with like nothing added to it it’s just pure almond milk so I’m going to go ahead and make this for my breakfast.

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Oh just so I just got back from yogurt and I’m going to make myself some tuna avocado toast it is so good. It’s a really good choice of protein healthy fats and good carbs.

I have some canned tuna. This is the wild selections. Canned tuna. So it’s like a wildcat tuna. I mean I think they put it either in olive oil or just regular water and I don’t have a camera thing but I’ll pop it on the screen for you guys if you guys when I see the brand that I use.

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And then I have an avocado. I use this organic flour less sprouted wheat Berry bread from Trader Joe’s. The ingredients are so much better than like regular bread like lots of different whole grains. And then I also am using the Himalayan sea salt. From Trader Joe’s as well as the ground like pepper.